Savers don't want a normal pension, they want 'the iPhone of Retirement Products'

Savers don't want a normal pension, they want 'the iPhone of Retirement Products'

Modern consumers demand the best features, the best value-for-money & the best user experience from their pension.

The TontineTrust platform enables partners to offer savings products with all of the features that consumers actually want from their 'perfect pension'.

Our Platform is built to support CDCs & Pan-European Personal Pensions (PEPPs) which are the new gold standard for retirement products.

We call this PEPPs-as-a-Service.

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Why PEPPs?

PEPPs are the EU's new gold standard of Pensions

PEPPs are the EU's new gold standard of Pensions

In 2019, the EU passed the Pan-European Personal Pension Regulation instantly creating a new cross-border pension standard that ensures:

  • High Transparency & Disclosure Standards,

  • Low Fees capped at 1% per annum.

  • High Governance & Asset protection rules.

  • Full Disclosure on ESG Investment Policies

  • Full Portability between Member States

Tontines are the original Pan-European Pensions

Tontines are the original Pan-European Pensions

Since they were invented in 1653, consumers all over Europe have loved their Tontines.

In his 1776 book Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith explained that Tontines 'always raise more money than annuities' because:

  1. For the same money, a Tontine is worth more than an annuity.

  2. Tontines pre-dispose us to think positively about our future retirements.

Why Tontine Pensions?

Tontines Eliminate Individual Longevity Risk:

Right now your members biggest fears are that they will run out of money during retirement.

Traditional private ‘DC pension’ products are no longer fit-for-purpose as pension products in a world of rising life expectancies.

Our tontine product is designed to mathematically guarantee that the fund never runs out of money and that payouts are likely to increase over time.

This has been proven empirically, with tontines proving hugely successful in the past, as confirmed by multiple peer reviewed studies.

Tontines offer better Value-for-Money

Payouts from alternative products such as fixed annuities lose their purchasing power due to inflation, as outlined in the 2019 Better Finance (EU) report on the Real Return.

Inflation-adjusted annuities are available but are even more expensive than fixed annuities.

TontineTrust has designed its pensions in compliance with the PEPP Regulation, in which PEPP providers cannot charge more than 1% per year.

As a result, we can safely solve the #1 & #2 needs of consumers (lifetime income that increases over time) with by far the most cost-effective product.

Tontines are Proven

Tontines have proved to be extremely successful & popular with consumers, earning plaudits over the centuries from luminaries such as 'the Father of Economics' Adam Smith whom explained in his 1776 book Wealth of Nations that:

  • Tontines are worth more than an equivalent annuity to the consumer;

  • Tontines always attract more capital than annuities.

Radical Transparency

Modern consumers expect have an increasing expectation of transparency not just over fees but also as to where their money is being invested.

TontineTrust plans to use distributed ledger technology to publish the details of all investments and associated fees paid by the Trust.

We believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant & that this level of radical transparency will ensure absolute protection of consumers interests for generations to come and will set a new standard of trust & fairness in the pensions sector & the retirement products industry generally.


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A Tontine resembles a simple low-fee annuity with lifetime payments. Yet unlike an annuity….a Tontine can pay a higher yield because of its relative simplicity of structure.

Author avatarProf. Moshe Milevsky

Love the idea of tontines. They solve so many problems for retirees. These guys are bringing them back... super interesting.

Author avatarRaoul Pal, CEO Real Vision TV

You are the first Retiretech in the world and we are sick of hearing about you... When you enter the US market, we are your natural partner.

Author avatarProduct Innovation Team - $1 Trillion Retirement & Savings Incumbent

Tontines pose less risk to members than conventional annuities since there is no contractual obligation on payout, no counter-party risk and no need for insurance-company reserves.

Author avatarEdward Chancellor, The Spectator Magazine

Considered as a life-cycle asset, [a tontine] proved to be an excellent investment, earning a rate of return substantially in excess of that generally available on other assets.

Author avatarProfs Ransom & Sutch, The Journal of Economic History, Cambridge University Press

(Annuities) are relatively expensive because their issuers must hold a large capital buffer. Retired people tend not to like them as they pay a low rate. Tontines are simple to understand and could be much less costly than annuities because the risks are not taken onto the balance-sheet of an insurer.

Author avatarThe Economist Magazine

The Tontine: A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem…….. What is insurance except a pool of people coming together to share risks? What better product for our era than a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer, sharing economy life insurance solution.

Author avatarHuffington Post

You get thrown 30-, 40-, 50-page documents explaining some kind of annuity using this particular background, and 12 different kinds of investments that feed into it, and your eyes gloss. By comparison…the tontine is unbelievably simple — you can explain it in two pages.

Author avatarKent McKeever, Tontine Historian at Columbia Law School

A trust and efficiency engine like blockchain technology has the potential to drive radical change in the insurance industry while improving transparency and outcomes across the entire value chain… Failure to act may consign many large players to the continuing trust deficit or, worse, irrelevance.

Author avatarD Disparte, Board Member, Harvard Business School


Tontine Pensions provide true Lifetime Income pensions to the members but in this case the Sponsors have zero exposure to the risks or liabilities that came with Defined Benefit Pensions.

Our Tontine Pensions are more like collective defined contribution pensions which have a 'defined ambition' to pay members 'target returns' which can adjust up or down over time depending on investment performance & mortality experience.

No. Not unless the Employer is legally or contractually obliged to pay into the pension on the employees behalf.

Our standard Pensions are personal pensions which can accept contributions from members and/or employers.

For organisations with large numbers of members, we offer white-labelled PEPPs 'Powered by TontineTrust'.

In theory yes but subject to the rules in your country and the specific rules and funding status of your existing schemes.

We work with Westerbrink whom are one of the top Pension law consultancies in Europe and we would be happy to discuss how we can help offer an alternative scheme for your existing members.

Do you want to be one of the 1st to offer a gold standard retirement product?

Together with our expert advisors we are able to help you help your members/customers/citizens.

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TontineTrust is building a platform which supports the issuance of risk sharing lifetime income products such as Tontine PEPPs. Our first lifetime income retirement product when launched will also seek approval to be classified as one of Europe's first Pan-European Personal Pension Products or 'PEPPs'.

PEPPs are a new generation of personal pension products which comply with the European Union’s latest regulations creating the gold standard of personal pension product design in terms of value for money, transparency & governance. Once our pension product is registered, we will launch with the support of best of breed investment service providers with the aim to be available in 27 countries by the end of 2021. TontineTrust does not offer or provide investment services.